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Our Business


IRIS Flight Simulation Software, more commonly known as IRIS Simulations started as a family business back in July 2005 under guidance of David & Karen Love-Brice and has grown to be a leading force in aircraft simulation and training for two of the worlds most popular simulation platforms, Prepar3D by Lockheed Martin & Flight Simulator X by Microsoft.

Based in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, IRIS Simulations has over a decade of experience producing study level simulations and distributes our product range to aircraft enthusiasts, aviation professionals and industry partners worldwide and specialises in producing high fidelity, military and civilian content for training, educational and simulation purposes.

Our Mission

Since 2005, IRIS has grown to encompass the very best industry talents from around the world, all with the passion and drive for excellence, which allows us to provide leading simulation solutions, both nationally and internationally through our distributors.

Our aim is to provide our clients with competitively priced flight simulation products for academic, training, commercial and entertainment purposes, whilst at the same time, expanding our own development talents and sourcing the very best artists, programmers and aeronautical engineers from around the world to ensure we keep our products current, accurate and always performing at the leading edge with the latest in technological advances.

Dynamic Training Solutions

Producing simulation content is a passion at IRIS.  Whether it be something as simple as the Jabiru J160, one of Australia’s most popular training aircraft or something as complex as the Pilatus PC-21, one of the worlds leading Turboprop trainers, we aim to lead from the front. We provide our clients and enthusiasts with accurate simulations of their products for the purposes they designate, be it training, entertainment or recruitment.

We have the tools, industry contacts and ability to produce complete turnkey products for training purposes in various levels of complexity dependent on our customers needs, from desktop based training to full 6 degree of freedom flight training devices using Lockheed Martin’s proprietary software, Prepar3D.

From the schoolyard to the cockpit

Whilst we are rightfully proud of what we have achieved in the industry, we haven’t forgotten where we started or our customers who have been instrumental in our achievements.  We have been long time supporters of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise and continue to support development on the Microsoft Flight Simulator X product via the latest ‘Steam Edition’ distributed by Dovetail Games on the Steam distribution platform by Valve software.

We understand and enthusiastically support aviation enthusiasm and its inception for many in front of a home computer screen.  Many of our customers who are now professional pilots, and a number who have become subject matter experts and consulted to us on our simulations started off with the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise, a franchise who’s legacy remains as strong today as it ever has.