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Our Team

David Love-Brice


Born in Wales and now residing in Australia, David has had a long passion for flight since a very young age (some may say before he could walk!) 

Taking his love of aviation, an almost obsessive eye for detail for anything with wings and a drive for furthering his IT knowledge, David has had experience in all aspects of creating aircraft simulations for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X platform over the last decade.

Whilst many in the team think that David’s knowledge is a potentially dangerous thing, fortunately David now stays clear of offering advice and instead relies on his team to do what they do best!

Whilst a small family business, David & Karen have never let size be a factor in success and IRIS Simulations has grown to be one of the leading software developers in the Flight Simulation Industry specializing in software for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D.  

David still wishes to learn to fly one day, though according to his son, he has to stop crashing in the simulator first!

Karen Love-Brice

Business Manager

Whilst David has his head in the clouds, Karen has her feet firmly planted on the ground, and in her opinion that’s the best place for them.

Karen manages the business side of IRIS Simulations, keeping contracts in order, bills paid and ensuring David doesn’t procrastinate to much!  Though Karen doesn’t share David’s love of aircraft (though she knows her F-35’s from her F-22’s these days!) Karen has a passion for Customer Service and is often found managing the support tickets when David focuses on the aircraft.

In David’s opinion, Karen is the reason IRIS is as successful as it is today.  Without her guidance and persistence, nothing would get done!

Robert Graham

Lead Programmer

Robert joined IRIS Simulations back in 2013 as a freelance contractor and can often be found talking on Skype to David about coding and various projects David has up his sleeve.   

Robert was lead coder on the award winning IRIS Pro Training Series Pilatus PC-9/A and TacPack integration for the Warthog Driver II product.  

Since then, if Robert and David aren’t blowing spaceships up in Kerbal Space Program or Elite Dangerous,  he’ll be focused on creating a new advanced version of the Pilatus PC-9/A and is already looking forward to the next challenge!

Mr R.

Lead 3D Artist

Mr R. joined the team back in 2013 and quickly took the place of lead 3D artist and has been responsible for some of IRIS Simulations industry leading content over the last two years, such as the Pilatus PC-9/A, Pilatus PC-21, Jabiru J160 and Grob Tutor to name just a few.

A superb artist with an eye for detail and a wide variety of talents, he produces content for IRIS Simulations which is consistently top quality work first time, every time!

The hooded superhero of the team, Mr R. is quite happy to remain anonymous, though those in the team are aware of his secret identity!

Magnus Almgren

Lead 2D Artist

A long time customer, Magnus joined the team as Lead 2D Artist back in 2013 on the Pilatus PC-9/A project and has worked on a number of key developments since then including the Grob Tutor.  

Magnus has an unmatched eye for detail in his artwork and repeatedly amazes the team with the quality and depth of detail shown in his work.  

Uncompromising and detail oriented, Magnus is an essential part of the team who’s passion pushes all around him to strive to deliver their very best.

When he’s not painting, he’s out skiing somewhere in Switzerland and posting images to Facebook, much to the jealous looks from his teammates!

Rachael Whiteford

2D Artist

Rachael is a new addition to the team, yet is no less valued than more veteran team members.  

Whilst not climbing on tanks, (see the above image) Rachael is an experienced artist who has been responsible for producing the majority of the colour schemes in the Texan Driver product.

A gaming fan at heart, Rachael is often either flying flight simulators or racing cars on the popular iRacing program.

Chloe Larson

Quality Assurance

Chloe joined the team back in 2013 as a Beta Tester and has proven invaluable in providing superb research, feedback and honest critiquing of products in development.  

An eye for detail and a passion for aircraft has allowed Chloe to quickly rise up the team as a valued member with her advice and knowledge much sought after by her fellow developers.

Chloe’s passion for horses and aviation has led the team to give her the affectionate nickname of ‘Pegasus’.

Joe Kunzler

Quality Assurance

Joe Kunzler is the team’s reknowned Avgeek!   A fan of all types of aircraft from a variety of eras and a superb researcher, Joe’s talents are a welcome addition to the team.  

An advocate and supporter of of the United States Navy, Joe has been significant in his efforts to support the local Naval Outlying Field (OLF) operations and his love for loud jets is more than welcome at IRIS.

Raphael Puttini

Quality Assurance

Raphael has been a member of the IRIS Simulations team for about a year and has been instrumental in supporting the quality assurance elements of our products.

An avid flight-simmer and aviation fan, Raphael continues his never-ending push for us to produce more Brazilian aircraft.  

One day he hopes we’ll build the Embraer Tucano!

Scott Merrick

Subject Matter Expert

Scott “Mez” Merrick has been a long time fan of IRIS Simulations and a close friend of David & Karen’s for many years.  Scott has been a flight simulation enthusiast since Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 was released and followed his passion for aviation into the Royal Australian Air Force where he joined back in 2003.

Scott’s first hand knowledge of aircraft such as the Pilatus PC-9/A, CT-4/A Airtrainer, C-130H Hercules and F-111C Aardvark has made him a perfect ‘go-to’ man for advice in all things aviation related.  

Scott is now  a qualified flight instructor in the RAAF and flies the Beech 300.  When he’s not serving Queen and country in the air, Scott provides assistance in flight model development for the teams Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D based products.

The team all live vicariously through Scott… though some may be hesitant to admit it!  After all, he flew an F-111!

Carder Ehlert

Subject Matter Expert

Carder joined the team as an informal advisor and tester in the early days of the Texan Driver product.  As a US Navy Student Aviator, Carder was uniquely placed to provide a student aviator’s point of view on what would potentially assist in his training when it came to simulating the T-6/B Texan II.

Since joining the team, Carder has moved on from NAS Whiting Field and currently trains on the T-44C Pegasus at NAS Corpus Christi in Texas.

Though not flying the Texan any more, his real world aviation experience is always highly valued and his aviation story is an inspiration for the team.